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How are organisations preparing for Intelligent Automation?

With the changing structure of a traditional workforce thanks to the implementation of automated processes, businesses are now rapidly looking to scale these solutions with Artificial intelligence (AI). Seeing the success of robotics reducing workload and driving efficiency, Intelligent Automation is now at the forefront of business executives’ minds to innovate further. But how are these organisations preparing for Intelligent Automation?

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4 Intelligent Automation Trends for 2019

Intelligent automation, a term for artificial intelligence and machine learning as applied to robotic process automation (RPA), offers a great deal of promise to organisations of all sizes and industries. However, the technology is only starting to hit the mainstream, and there are countless opportunities that so far remain unexplored.

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Strategies to Successfully Deploy Intelligent Automation

Whether you're interested in the productivity improvements or the lower costs, you've already made the decision to implement robotic process automation (RPA) within your organisation. The good news is that by streamlining and automating your processes, RPA can unlock a significant amount of hidden insights and potential.

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