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Data without Discipline Leads to Distraction -convedo

Data without Discipline Leads to Distraction

Big data holds big promise for businesses large and small. The potential for this type of information processing depends entirely on your company's ability to best manage the data to its advantage. Unfortunately, big-data apps and processes sometimes end up creative massive headaches that rival the sheer volume of the information they generate. Could Business Process Management (i.e. effective organizational workflow) be the solution?

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Unstructured vs. Structured Information: Integrating Intelligence for Better BPM

Unstructured vs. Structured: Integrating Intelligence for Better BPM

Delays are unacceptable to modern consumers. Technology has transformed consumer expectations, leading to the expectation of quick response in brand interactions. For organizations with difficulty integrating unstructured and structured information, transformation of business process management (BPM) practices can be critical for exceeding client expectations and reducing chaos surrounding informational assets.

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