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Practical BPM guide for people who don’t know what BPM is

If you’ve ever wondered about BPM, its capabilities, and what it can do for you – look for no further! This article is the only crash course you’ll ever need.

What does BPM even mean anyway?

BPM, or Business Process Management, describes decision-making strategies for making corporate processes more efficient. Vague, right? That’s because the term includes a wide variety of mechanisms and phenomena that span industries, all falling under the umbrella term of BPM. In fact, there are as many BPM strategies as there are specific processes that industries need to follow.

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Top 8 factors for BPM Success

Top 8 factors for BPM Success

Business Process Management (BPM) involves much more than simply modeling business processes. It encompasses the ongoing improvement and management of an organization’s end to end business processes with a view to gaining competitve advantage.

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