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Process Mining as Enabler for RPA Implementation

Robotic Process Automation has the potential to streamline many areas of business. The basic idea is that your business employs a host of virtual robots to take over some of the most boring and repetitive manual tasks. Data entry, auditing, and scheduling are just a few of processes that may be ripe for automation, depending on the software already used to manage these items.

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What is Metastorm BPM? - convedo - OpenText Partner

What is Metastorm BPM?

Your vision for business improvements delivered

The Metastorm BPM platform delivers the insight, power and agility you need to make your vision for business improvement a reality. To respond to increasing competitive pressures, regulatory changes, market conditions, and customer demands, companies today are looking for ways to not only increase their effectiveness and efficiency but to also become more capable of change than they are today. Gaining, and then maintaining, competitive advantage requires an ability to continue to adapt more quickly and increase operational efficiency — in step with the increasing pace of change. Achieve results quickly by providing a more agile, intelligent business process layer that integrates the underlying legacy systems, provides visibility across critical business processes, and gives you the ability to design processes that deliver competitive differentiation, without the constraints imposed by legacy systems.

Metastorm BPM is a platform for Business Process Management (BPM) systems that automates labor-intensive administrative and management processes. It is a versatile production-strength BPM system that can support a large number of processes, users, and transactions.

It can access data from any ODBC data source, use external forms, integrate with a variety of document management systems via API, and exchange email with most email clients. More importantly, it can easily integrate all of these systems through a single user interface, which it then presents to the user in the two most popular Windows clients, Internet Explorer and MS Outlook.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Enterprise Automation


Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the most popular trends in digital transformation these days — and for good reason. Like its cousin IT automation, RPA refers to the use of automation to support or replace manual business processes. However, Robotic process automation has the added benefit of using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to make smarter decisions in the face of unexpected conditions.

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