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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Enterprise Automation

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 17 January 2018

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the most popular trends in digital transformation these days — and for good reason. Like its cousin IT automation, RPA refers to the use of automation to support or replace manual business processes. However, Robotic process automation has the added benefit of using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to make smarter decisions in the face of unexpected conditions.

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Topics: Robotic Process Automation

Appian 17.3 Feature Highlights

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 12 October 2017

The latest release of Appian, the Digital Transformation Platform (TM), accelerates your digital transformation efforts. Appian build 17.3 provides new features that improve the Appian user, designer, and administrator experiences.

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Topics: appian

What is new in OpenText MBPM version 9.5?

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 14 July 2017

This blog post provides an overview of the new features and fixed bugs of OpenText MBPM 9.5.

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Topics: MBPM, OpenText MBPM

What is new in OpenText MBPM version 9.4.2?

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 02 April 2016

OpenText MBPM 9.4.2 addresses stability issues and provides support for new environments. See the Supported environments section for more details.

Enhanced SendEmail functionality

When using the OpenText MBPM SendEmail function, you can now specify a delimiter registry setting on the engine machine. Follow these instructions to make the changes manually:

Locate the relevant registry key and add the string key FileDelimiter in the registry location:

64 bit OS:


32 bit OS:



If the FileDelimiter registry key does not exist, the default behavior will be applied, that is the file will be delimited with "," or ";".

The recommended FileDelimiter value is “|” because Windows does not allow the default value as the file name.

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Topics: MBPM, OpenText MBPM

Workflow Model Types

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 02 April 2016

Conceptual-level Workflow Models

Conceptual-level Workflow Models typically provide an end-to-end view of an entire Business Process unless the Business Process is so complex that it requires more than one conceptual level. The purpose of a conceptual-level Workflow Model is to organize and link together the more detailed models that are based on their Activity Usages.

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Topics: Business Process Management, Workflow

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