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    How good is your OpenText MBPM v9 Knowledge? [Quiz]

    OpenText MBPM 9 QuizThink you know everything there is to know about OpenText MBPM? Prove it with this quiz and let us know on Twitter @convedo how you did.

    Key Concepts and Architecture

    1. What is the visual representation of structured activities that are broken down into stage(s) and action(s)?
    2. What is the connection point for the Metastorm BPM Designer to deploy BPM processes into the Metastorm Database?
    3. What is the name of the list of forms which initiate a listed process?

    OpenText BPM Designer

    1. What is the customizable toolbar containing a set of commands?
    2. How do you access the Metastorm BPM Designer options in order to personalize the preference settings?
    3. What is the default “Process Model Style” setting in the Metastorm BPM Designer options?

    MBPM Solution

    1. What is the term for a step in the process where an action is required?
    2. Name the five action types.
    3. Name the four action line style types.

    Business Objects and Variables 

    1. Name the three Designer Business Objects.
    2. What are the seven variable data types?
    3. What is the name of the variable which records the value of the user who created the folder?
    4. A folder is uniquely identified by which variable?


    1. In order for a form to access a process’ custom variables, what must be bounded to the form?
    2. Name the four possible field usages when a form is bound to an user action.
    3. True or False? Forms can’t be shared across Processes in the Project.

    Logical Decisions

    1. True or False? All actions have the “Only start action if” property.
    2. True or False? A Conditional action can only lead from a System stage.
    3. If more than one Conditional action leads from a stage, what determines the order in which the conditions are evaluated?

    Roles and Permissions

    1. Name the two types of roles.
    2. Name the seven components in which roles are used to define their permissions.
    3. True or False? Group roles are based on formulas/expressions.

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    Metastorm BPM Health Check

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