Convedo partners with Loughborough University


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As a part of Convedo's #rpa4good initiative, we are proud to announce that we are working with Loughborough University, London to together identify how we can improve the lives of citizens in local communities. This main objective of the project is to identify ways of improving local government services with the help of Intelligent Automation Technologies. 

More about the Local Government Project:

The Local Government Challenge -

Local Government is under constant pressure to provide a wide range of services to their local communities. With further budget cuts providing these is becoming increasingly more difficult. These growing budget constraints and pending retirements are putting a strain on operations, resulting in huge backlogs of work.

What’s more, citizens are demanding better, more consumer-friendly services. Constrained by the resources and pressured by the increasing demand of services, Local Government is relying on technologies to provide essential services for local communities more than ever. 

The Vision - 

Convedo is working with students from Loughborough University, London to identify exactly where local government employees are struggling to maintain efficiency and the reasons behind it. The vision is to develop solutions, using Intelligent Automation (AI, Digital Process Automation, Robotic Process Automation) that would allow Local Government staff to offload repetitive, mundane tasks to the Digital Workforce.  The aim is to free up overstretched staff for more value tasks such as -

  • Increased working with the youth to improve their life and professional skills
  • Increased efficiencies to tackle homelessness
  • Increased insights of current and upcoming community issues and requirements
  • Improved social and adult care
  • Improved handling of social housing related inquiries
  • Improved access to information for frontline staff
  • Do more with less but better!

What results do we expect to see - 

With the completion of the project is Feb 2020 we hope to prove that Intelligent Automation with a Digital Workforce can pave the way for a Local Government of the future: innovative, exciting, and increasingly more in touch with the citizens it serves. Together with Loughborough Universities efforts we will -

  •  Identify where automation and efficiencies works best
  • What impact can the Digital Workforce have internally and externally
  • How can we overcome challenges implementing Intelligent Automation

Would you like to get involved in #rpa4good. Email us with your ideas around how we can together help improve public services and take the pressure off local government employees or join the discussion on Social @ LinkedIn - Convedo Group  or Twitter - @convedo