8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

These are trying times for universities around the world. Not only is COVID-19 spreading fear and disease within the academic community, disrupting plans and putting education on hold, the pandemic is also forcing universities to adopt new processes and policies at high-speed to enable a gradual and safe return to on-site activities.

A Safe Return to Campus

Ensuring students, faculty, and staff's health and safety is the top priority as universities start letting students return to campus. Safe campus attending requires a holistic, centralized, and integrated approach to several parameters. It also requires agility and quick, real-time communication to adopt measures and policies to the ever-changing situation. 

In this article, we'll look at eight crucial aspects of virus prevention in universities and on campus. 

#1 A unified command center

8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

If there is one thing we've learned by now, it is that in virus prevention, speed and agility are of the essence. The situation changes quickly, and to respond, a unified information hub is crucial. You need a centralized source where you have access to all information and where you can see and manage the health and work status of your entire academic community in real-time.

How CampusPass helps?

With CampusPass, you can view and manage all the health information about your campus's students and staff through one unified interface. This provides you with an invaluable overview, allowing you to spot tendencies quickly—and act on them. 

#2 Quick and easy screening image-png-1

To keep track of everyone's individual health status on campus, you need a tool that enables you to quickly and easily gather this data at scale. Students, faculty, staff, vendors, and visitors should all be able to simply and intuitively report their health status.

How CampusPass helps?

CampusPass uses a simple web or mobile interface that allows students and staff to submit and update their answers to daily COVID-19 questionnaires using just laptops or handheld devices. This way, you can easily uphold your policies and stay compliant with local regulations.

#3 Return-to-campus verification8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

To enable a safe return to on-site studies, you need strict rules and policies for who's allowed back and who isn't. Once you've defined what policies and rules should apply for your return-to-campus transition, you need a tool to ensure these rules are followed. 

How CampusPass helps?

At Convedo, we help with pre-built rules based on your organization's guidelines and relevant government regulations. These rules are then automatically applied to the data collected from your community. The tool will automatically authorize on-campus access for the right people, all controlled through the Mobile Pass.

#4 Automated Mobile Pass authorization 

8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the PandemicTo maintain a high level of safety and control, you need a way for students and staff to show that they are allowed to be on campus. You need a process and tool that not only decides and communicates who is allowed to be there but also provides the ones who are with the means to verify this in a quick, safe, and efficient way. 

How CampusPass helps?

Based on your policies, everyone who is approved to return to campus will receive an automated authorization. This can be displayed on their mobile devices for quick and easy verification that does not require physical proximity.

#5 Contact tracing8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

If there is an incident or outbreak within the university or on campus, you need to have a process in place to trace and inform all people who have been in contact with the infected person. This needs to be done in a way that takes the privacy and security of information into account.

How CampusPass helps?

CampusPass enables you to rapidly identify and respond to COVID-19 incidents following the process for case management recommended by the government. CampusPass supports the NHS Test & Trace regulations.

#6 Immunity testing

8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

Offering immunity testing to your students and staff is an initiative that helps prevent the virus's spread. But doing so requires a way to manage testing activities in a controlled and safe manner and to communicate both with test providers and the people being tested.

How CampusPass helps?

The CampusPass solution allows you to manage all COVID-19 testing activities on your campus and to integrate the COVID-19 testing providers in the process smoothly.

#7 Isolation processing8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

When cases of infection occur, it is crucial to move quickly and isolate not only those infected but also everyone exposed to the virus. This requires real-time data from test results, but also a means to track contacts and the ability to communicate with them instantly.

How CampusPass helps?

With CampusPass, you can manage the whole process of quickly isolating exposed, on-campus residential students to protect your community.

#8 Mental Health and Student Wellbeing

Mental health is an essential topic for universities that have been very accentuated during the pandemic. Students, who are often far away from their families and support systems, are considered extra vulnerable and at-risk in the situation of lockdown and isolation. It is critical to offer everyone access to support, guidance, and, when needed, treatment and care.  

How CampusPass helps?

CampusPass puts access to support and community right at the fingertips of every user. Inside the app, students and staff members can easily reach out for help in any time of need.

CampusPass – A Solution for Keeping Campuses Safe 

8 Steps to Keeping Campus Safe During the Pandemic

CampusPass has been developed in collaboration with leading universities. The solution enables coordination and communication across the entire university by providing all stakeholders and departments access to the same essential information—in real-time. Via a unified hub, CampusPass collects data and simplifies and automates health status verification processes, virus testing, contact tracing, isolation protocols, and Mobile Pass on-campus authorization. The CampusPass helps you do all this while both maintaining the privacy and security of personal information at all times and complying with policies and local regulations.

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