How can digital platforms help you improve the customer experience?



Digital transformations have revolutionized business and society in the last 20 years — and they're only getting started. According to Gartner, there are currently 8.4 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things, with this number projected to rise to 20 billion by 2020.

As digitization becomes an ever more crucial factor in people's lives, it also becomes an important consideration for any organization. Companies need to understand how they can create value by using digital platforms to interact with their employees, business partners and customers. So what role can digital platforms play in enhancing your customer experience? 
One major side effect of increased digitization is the expanded number of ways that clients can interact with your business. Nielsen has found that 33 percent of customers — a full third of them — now prefer to contact companies via social media rather than the phone. Customers and potential customers can now connect with you on a variety of social media platforms, not to mention other outlets such as email, phone and live chat.
Customer experience management (CEM) platforms help your organization keep track of all the channels on which you have a presence so that you can more easily resolve your customers' questions and concerns. Although they evolved from traditional content management systems and e-commerce software, digital CEM platforms also include a host of additional features that help your business keep up with your customers' modern needs and expectations.
Some of these features include:
  • Content personalization to provide a unique experience for each customer who interacts with your organization in terms of location, purchase history and more.
  • Web analytics to understand how successful your customer interactions are and in which areas you can improve them.
  • Knowledge management systems for your agents to have easy access to information about your customers, products and inventory.
As you generate more data by interacting with more customers across more channels, you need a way to process, integrate and manage this information. Digital customer experience platforms are an excellent way to make your business processes more automated and your customers more engaged.
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