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    Facility Issues and Orders management Appian Application

    Convedo’s Facility Issues and Orders management application provides one portal to give organisations an overview of their sites/properties' health and budgetary performance. The Application provides instant and intuitive insights through the Area Managers dashboard increasing the transparency of the business costs for upkeep and equipment. This solution enables quick decision-making from the senior management team, allowing the business to be responsive and dynamic. This Application also features a dashboard for the Sites where they can submit orders for additional equipment, Log maintenance issues and track the progress of each through rich grid displays.

    This replaces many of the currently un-optimised solutions implemented currently that rely on paper-based or email-based procedures offering poor item tracking and heavy staff workload. The adoption of this application will empower the organisation to evolve their operations.

    Key features and functionalities for Managers include:

    • Reporting: Information at a glance, tailored reporting on all sites within the managers controlling area. Showing store performance against pre-defined yearly budgets.
    • Drillable charts: drill down into the data to really see what is going on with your sites. Check performance over time allows you to support your sites with the right information to help them succeed.


    • Task information: see all your outstanding tasks in one place, making approval of site issues or equipment requests simple and fast.
    • Audit: Audit system in place, can be configured to meet your needs allowing financial processes to be tracked by regulatory bodies.
    • Administration: Site administration page, allowing customization and configurations to be made to the site, by managers with the appropriate authorisation.


    Key features and functionalities for Sites include: 

    • Report Issues: Report issues at your site the moment they happen, quickly and easily schedule maintenance visits.


    • Request New Equipment: request new equipment for your sites, replace old broken equipment or just pre-pair for the new season ahead.


    • See request Progress: See the progress of all your requests in one place, with insightful progress displays showing you the exact step of your request.


    • Notification: alerts are sent when your request is updated and requires input from your side, keeping the process moving forward and reducing the time to resolution of your issues or orders.


    If you would like to see a demo of our Facility Issues and Orders Management Appian Application, please contact us or arrange a call with our team of AI experts today, our teams are available for a chat about your business needs and objectives. We have the teams, knowledge and experience you need to successfully execute your intelligent automation initiatives. 

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