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    OpenText MBPM 9.3 released!

    Today, OpenText announced the release of OpenText MBPM 9.3 and OpenText BPM Mobile 9.3.

    Below are the release highlights:

    • Complex Web Service Data Mapping
    • OpenText Content Server Integration Enhancements
    • Enhanced Process Analytics/Dashboards (OpenText managerView required)
    • BPM Mobile Enhancements
    • Internet Explorer 9 Native Support 

    Complex Web Service Data Mapping

    New features:

    • Support Web Services with both complex inputs and outputs
    • Intuitive wizard interface
    • Directly generate Scripted Business Object

    OpenText Content Server Integration Enhancements

    New Features

    • Ability to add / edit metadata within Content Server
    • Support for metadata “categories”

    Enhanced Process Analytics/Dashboards (OpenText managerView required)

    New Features

    • MBPM pre-integration with OpenText managerView
    • Improved data access performance through pre-calculated cachin

    BPM Mobile Enhancements

    New Features

    • New filtering and sorting
    • Read-only grids
    • Process enhancements (support for chained actions / re-open folder)


    Furthermore, the MBPM Web Client now supports Internet Explorer 9 (Native Support).



    Topics: OpenText- MBPM- 9.3- BPM Mobile- managerView- Content Server- Web Services- Scripted Business Object

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