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What is new in OpenText MBPM version 9.4.2?

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 02 April 2016

OpenText MBPM 9.4.2 addresses stability issues and provides support for new environments. See the Supported environments section for more details.

Enhanced SendEmail functionality

When using the OpenText MBPM SendEmail function, you can now specify a delimiter registry setting on the engine machine. Follow these instructions to make the changes manually:

Locate the relevant registry key and add the string key FileDelimiter in the registry location:

64 bit OS:


32 bit OS:



If the FileDelimiter registry key does not exist, the default behavior will be applied, that is the file will be delimited with "," or ";".

The recommended FileDelimiter value is “|” because Windows does not allow the default value as the file name.

Fixed Issues

  • The connection string behavior is incorrectly displayed in the Administration Tool. EncryptConnectionString is encrypted when the Administrative Tools web.config value is set to false and decrypted when value is set to true.
  • When using the SendEmail function, an error is displayed if the attachments include a comma in the file name. A new delimiter registry setting can be added to the engine machine. See the New Features sections for more details.
  • Changes in validation messages were detected between version 9.2 and 9.4 when validating and deploying a solution.
  • After being prompted to close the page, the external URL is not correctly launched.
  • Unable to use Public Web access method for Blank Forms list, Folder and action request with 9.4.1.
  • Uploading and downloading of attachments is not working when using Public Access.
  • Handling of queries that already have an order by clause are improved and the documentation now provides guidance relating to using views.
  • An error message is displayed when submitting a form that has a datetime column in a grid when the option both is implemented
  • An invalid session error is displayed when submitting forms when using SSO. This happens when a form is opened and the session expires before the form is submitted.
  • Unexpected line spacing is added to labels affecting customers moving to Native Mode from emulation. A minor change is made to the default.css
  • The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime error is displayed while submitting the folder specifically affecting forms using DateTime columns with editable grids
  • The Custom List folder columns are not working as expected. When using Custom List with the option open folder in a column, the Web Client displays a filter without an image and hyperlink.
  • A security issue was identified which allows a potential Cross Site scripting attack with a modified request to eFolder.aspx
  • When customizing the Web Client to include additional buttons, clicking on any newly created links results in an error. The Web Client Configuration Guide now reflects adding multiple buttons
  • When a custom list is opened and sorted, refreshing or reopening actions makes the sort direction indicator arrows disappear from the column header.
  • The MBPM Engine is incorrectly returning empty spaces instead of NULL value for database views, when the field has no value. For example, a user with single space is created for Event Manager actions (system actions).
  • A memory leak is detected during the login process when loading and executing the authentication SAP scripts. This is prevalent when checking the Engine’s health by frequently logging in and out of the engine via the ECL for Web Services or other means.

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