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New Features in OpenText MBPM Mobile 9.4

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 30 January 2015

OpenText MBPM Mobile 9.4 includes the following new features:

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5 new features in OpenText MBPM 9.3.2

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 07 July 2014

The new version of OpenText MBPM, v9.3.2, comes with 5 new features:
  • Automatic refresh alerts option in the Web Client
  • Custom List enhancements
  • MBPM Mobile enhancements
  • Custom List column width enhancements
  • Support for exporting grid column captions
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Embed a PDF document in a Metastorm form [Quick Tip]

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 22 April 2014

There are requirments to to display PDF documents (e.g. Invoices, Purchase Orders, Incoming Letters) on a OpenText MBPM (formerly Metastorm BPM) form. There are different ways to implement this: using a PDF viewer component like Brava Viewer or TiffServer, the iFrame or the HTML <object> tag method.

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Why migrate to OpenText MBPM?

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 23 March 2014

Metastorm Version 9.x delivers many new capabilities that will bring benefits to your organization over and above those delivered by previous versions. Once your developers have adjusted to the new version, their productivity will improve. This blog post discusses why you should consider migrating to Version 9.x.

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The Resources You Need to get started with your Migration to OpenText MBPM v9 [In Under 100 Words]

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 18 January 2014

Whether you have just started with your migration to OpenText MBPM v9, or think about starting, there are many things to consider. Take a look at our handy infographic showing the advantages, and the pitfalls, of taking this major step forward in your Business Process Management strategy.

Once you're ready, here is one more detailed whitepaper about migrating to OpenText MBPM v9 and a Metastorm BPM v7 process review tool to estimate the efforts for your whole migration.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget to read through the 5 fundamental Metastorm BPM migration project tips.

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