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The OpenText Process Suite ABC Glossary - Business Process Model

Posted by Harry Siegersma on 23 September 2015

Business Process Model

A business process model is a structured and measured set of activities designed to produce a specific output for a particular customer or market. It implies a strong emphasis on how work is done within an organisation. In contrast to a product focus’s emphasis, a process is thus a specific ordering of work activities across time and space, with a clear beginning and an end, as well as clearly defined inputs and outputs.

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The Ultimate Glossary: 45 BPMN 2.0 Terms Explained

Posted by Sascha Cutura on 18 February 2014

Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is a graphical notation that describes the logic of steps in a business process. This notation has been especially designed to coordinate the sequence of processes and messages that flow between participants in different activities.

Most BPM tools (e.g. OpenText Cordys, bizagi) these days support BPMN and having a resource that quickly and clearly explains all of the basic terms and applications is critically important.

I hope that you will pass this blog post along to others in your organisation and maybe even print it out to have on hand when others have questions related to BPMN 2.0.

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